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Knee Pain, Feel Energized
Testimonial written by Carol from United Kingdom Jan
Patch-It has enabled me to STEP LIVELY instead of shuffling or walking gingerly! This wonderful product actually alleviated my excruciating aches and pains. I have had 3 serious sciatic episodes which caused me to be bedridden. I even began to use motorized carts when I shopped. I underwent microscopic surgery for torn ligaments in my knees, but still experienced major pain. I began to take a variety of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs to no avail. That's when I decided to go on my own quest, searched the internet and found Patch-It. During the past couple of years I have experience a feeling of well-being and respite from pain. Thank God! Patch-It has enabled me to feel energized. I have found the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! This detoxification patch affects the 60 reflexology points that actually pull out toxins through the soles of your feet. I can actually see the nasty impurities that have been slowing me down, after using Patch-It I feel like I have a NEW LEASE ON LIFE. For all those that are still skeptical, YOU MUST NOT LOSE HOPE! Just put this detoxification patch on at night and feel invigorated in the morning!
Testimonial written by Mr. Chow from Hong Kong, Age 26 May
I suffer from slight rheumatism in my foot joints. After using Patch-It, I have found that the pain has completely disappeared! I continue to use it because in my job, I have to walk around a lot and the plaster helps to keep my feet healthy.
Leg Pain, Swelling
Testimonial written by Linda from USA, Age 26 May
Got to share with you what happened this week!
Went to have my hair cut on Wednesday. I always tell my hairdresser about my health products. I took a sample of the Patch-It with me and showed her the Patch-It sample. Went back to her salon yesterday and she told me that she had a FANTASTIC experience with the Patch-It! She is in her 30's and already has aching varicose veins from standing on her feet! She used the pad that night. (She told me she always wakes up with pain in her legs) Well after wearing the Patch-It for only one night, when she woke up the PAIN was GONE!!! She is now signing up to carry the Patch-It in her shop!

Then had to go make a bank deposit, the teller was limping. She said that her ankle was swollen and she had surgery on it this past summer. I told her that I had something to take the swelling away. I went home got a Patch-It pad and the information on the product. Went back to the bank, next day I called Roberta, the swelling was gone and she will be buying a box of Patch-It from me today!
Joint Pain
Testimonial written by Gloria from Texas, USA Jan
I am so glad you developed this product. I tried it on a pain I was having on my foot, the left one, which had great pain at the joint area of the big toe. With each step, I had pain. I moved up the Patch-It to the upper area of the foot and today, Sunday the 14th of January, the pain is gone. I have had this pain for a long long time. Thank you and I will continue buying your products.
Frozen Shoulder
Testimonial written by Mr. Chan from USA, Retired Merchant, Age 82 May
I have suffered from "Frozen shoulder" for around 15 years. I have tried all sorts of different treatments including acupuncture, moxibustion, different types of chili plasters for the heat effect, western medication and Chinese herbal prescriptions. All of these were not helpful to my condition. Finally my son gave me Patch-It. At first, I did not believe that it would help me in any way. But after just 2-3 days of use, I felt some improvement. The plasters were soaked every time after use. After around 1 month of continual use, the frozen shoulder symptoms had disappeared altogether! I have no reservation in recommending this products to all who have similar problems as mine.
PMS, Swollen Feet, Better Sleep
Testimonial written by Ms. Leung from Singapore, Marketing Officer, Age 44 May
Every month during the period of my monthly cycle, I suffer badly from swollen feet. The discomfort was so severe that I could not sleep very well. I was introduced to Patch-It! and I used it for the first night, next morning I found that the swelling in my feet was gone completely and that I had a much better sleep that night. I never stop using it since that time and I now can enjoy a pain free period. I am really grateful to this incredible product!

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